Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Luwak Coffee Arabica More Delicious

Civet Coffee Production Continues Enhanced. PTP Nusantara XII Garden Kalisat / Jampit Bondowoso, East Java, continues to boost coffee production mongoose arabikanya up to 2 tons in 2010.

Increased production of arabica coffee mongoose, according to PTP Nusantara XII Estate Manager Kalisat / Jampit Bondowoso, East Java, Ardi Iriantono, Monday (23 / 8), is inseparable from the abundance of arabica coffee production is better known as "Java Coffee".

"The production of arabica coffee this year again peaks so that the material for the production of civet coffee is also quite a lot," said Ardi Iriantono.

For this Luwak coffee production activities, said Ardi Iriantono, it deliberately maintains 250 tail mongoose special imported from Bondowoso, Jember and Banyuwangi. "Every fish cages on their own because although the food coffee, these animals also have properties cannibals," he said.

Luwak coffee production - average reaches 0.12 kg / head per day during the harvest that will last 120 days each year. "So that when taken on average every tail mongoose production could reach 14 kg in a single season," said Ardi.

Coffee Luwak
Real estate opportunities PTP Nusantara XII Kalisat / Jampit Bondowoso to increase the production of very large civet coffee as supported arabica coffee plant area which covers 1424 hectares, an area of ​​1161.67 hectares are already in production.

Even to raise production to 4 tons per year Luwak coffee estates PTP Nusantara XII Kalisat / Jampit significantly Bondowoso actually also able to do in years - next year. But Ardi said, it will not be hasty to do so because considering the scarcity factor Luwak coffee arabica. "Because if the price is dikhawairkan abundant production will go down," he explained.

Because of the nature of its rarity, the price of Arabica Luwak coffee on the national market has currently reached Rp1, 8 million / Kg of dry beans. But Luwak coffee production PTP Nusantara XII Garden Kalisat / Jampit new Bondowoso absorbed in the national market.

In fact, PTP Nusantara XII plans to add coffee mongoose in containers other than in the city of Surabaya, which some time ago has been inaugurated pengoperasionalannya.

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